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Recovery art journals
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a lj space to show your recovery art work and journals
I wanted to create a space here on LJ to share my recovery art journal as well as to invite others to share their artwork with others. I feel recovery is sometimes best expressed through art, and the rewards of creative expression can help anyone grow.
I hope you will join me in this quest.

No nastiness, judgment, racism, or any other kind of crap. Everyone is welcome to participate as long as they keep it positive and friendly towards other members.

Please put all potentially triggering art entries behind a cut. Please see LJ help if you don't know how to do this.

Keep pictures small...I prefer to use my scrapbook feature, or you can use flikr...whichever works for you...but remember, some people don't have DSL, or Cable, or FIOS...so please be mindful of others technological limitations.

This will be a moderated community. you can choose to publicly share your work, or make it friends only...its up to you.

Don't let the feeling of "I'm not an artist" stop you!!!!! Everyone is creative in their own way. I expect everyone to respect that and respond accordingly.

Social capital

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